Before you’re actually ready to get on the road and start making some easy money in your spare time while driving, you need to get approved by Uber first. This means they need to go through all your submitted documents and finally finish off with your background check, when you’ll be asked to come in to one of the Uber Hubs- office in person with 2 IDs. All this data processing following by approval of your partner’s account shouldn’t take longer than about 7 business days in total. Once fully approved you’re good to go online and start earning as much or as little as you feel like driving on any given day- maximum 12hrs in 24hrs.

As you may have figured, this 12hrs limit is for everybody’s safety due to some drivers falling asleep behind the wheel in the past. I’ve heard some real crazy stories from my riders and trust me, you wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when their driver suddenly started changing lanes as he was microsleeping at 100km/h on the highway, omg that’s scary! This 12hrs ON and 8hrs OFF period was implemented sometime in 2018 so you can only imagine what kind of insane hours were some drivers willing to clock in, especially those grinding double full time and literally living in their cars. To make it enjoyable and more fun I wouldn’t recommend anyone to drive longer than 6-8hrs in a single session. If you know you’re going to drive a few hours a day in your spare time rather than going full time right from the beginning, after just a couple of weeks in, you’ll know when and where it’s best to drive to make the most of it.

Downtown Toronto morning rush

From my experience the best times to drive are morning rush from 6am-10am as well as afternoon rush from 3pm-7pm on weekdays and of course Friday & Saturday nights when people go out drinking. Weekends are pretty much evenly busy during the day, it mainly depends on city and area where you drive, whether there are some events, parties or live concerts going on and also weather can affect your earning big time, typically the worse the better for us- drivers =)

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