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People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. “There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it. “Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.”

Simon Sinek – START WITH WHY

This page ‘START HERE’ is going to be dedicated to all the useful tips, ideas, motivation, self development, productivity, inspiration, learning suggestions, books & products recommendations, inspiration and more…

Be your best self

It is mindset what separates best from the rest!

Create your very own online presence

Start by deciding what your domain name or website address could be and see if it’s still available. If it is, great! Don’t worry too much if it’s already taken, just tweak it little bit, change the end part such .com to .blog instead or come up with something else and make it special for you 🙂

I recommend you guys using bluehost for your domain name as well as hosting (where your website lives). Your website domain registration is FREE and its hosting is only between $4-$7 per month, depending if they currently have some special promotion running or not.

So please DO NOT delay and go ahead with searching for you ideal website below, before someone else gets it! Good luck!

Flexible online income ideas to consider

  • Virtual Assistant- VA is a wide umbrella that consists of various tasks to choose from. I believe there must be one you could actually be good at and enjoy doing in your spare time. I recommend you to check these: Upwork, Guru or CloudPeeps
  • Freelance Writer is pretty much self-explanatory and there is definitely money to be made if you love writing, creating content or even social media management. Check my favorite Freelancer and get $25 off of your first project to see what’s up.
  • Teach English Online where in countries like China, South Korea and Philippines are looking to teach their students from a young age, therefore market is real huge and so is earning potential. I suggest these companies to try: TeachAway, VIPkid or DaDa
  • Create Online Courses is another way of earning money through teaching, ideally on a topic you’re expert in. Udemy is surely one of the best in the business.
  • Affiliate Marketing is simply selling other people’s or company’s products or services for a sale commission when someone buys through your personal link. Once you sign up to become a partner/associate (typically at the bottom of websites supporting ‘affiliate programs’) you can literally advertise & promote anything you find on the market place, of course Amazon is the largest platform worldwide and everybody shops there too.

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