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My name is Peter, I have a ‘PhD of Life’- poor, hungry and driven and I will do my best to help ya’ll aspiring entrepreneurs, solopreneurs & hustlers with that eager entrepreneurial mindset like I do, to pursue your own business and online presence goals. Making money in your spare time or just supplementing your full time income with a side hustle before you can afford to go all in, setting your own schedule and learning how to run your very own business is one of many advantages of starting out regardless your current circumstances. If you are like me, having that fiery entrepreneurial spirit burning throughout, really enjoy learning new ways of countless possibilities of world wide web, meeting interesting and like-minded people that can spark even more exciting ideas of making money, while living life on your own terms? YES it is all possible, so I honestly don’t see any good reason why not giving it a shot, so shouldn’t you!?

You really have nothing to lose here, I promise! Expect marketing tips, innovative business ideas, health recommendations, struggles of athletes, lessons learned, failures, achievements, positive mindset and hopefully some inspiration along the way on my own life’s journey to becoming the best version of myself in personal & professional development. Most importantly, set yourself for future freedom and success by being able to learn what it’s like to be your own boss in 2020 and onward…

Join me and let’s take action together!

I’m a brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay-thai, mixed martial arts practitioner @fighterpreneur and a small business owner @6scleanness by day. Originally from central Europe, I currently live in Toronto-Canada with my beautiful fiancĂ©e Romy. We both love traveling and still have so many places on our bucket list to visit.

Never worry when you start or finish your shift again. Ain’t no 9-5 in my vocabulary no more. Having to ask your boss for permission to take vacation? Doesn’t sound like you either? That’s what I thought. Well, in that case we are on the same page. It’s your life to decide how you live it, so live fully & bring the JOY of FREEDOM!

I personally believe that one lifetime isn’t long enough to see all the marvelous places on Earth, especially when you’re an employee only being entitled to 2-4 weeks of vacation per year. No thank you, definitely not for me! This is my life and I get to decide when and how long I go on vacation for, when I take a break, when I eat during my work day or how much money I make.

“We don’t get what we ask for, we get what we ASK and WORK FOR!”

This is WHY I decided to do my very best, worked truly hard and started my own premium home cleaning business Six Stars Cleanness back in 2015, started driving Uber in 2016 and launched my lifestyle clothing brand made in Canada Canadigrass in 2017. To be completely honest with you all, surely not so surprising for most, my ultimate goal is basically never again being forced to work for anybody else but myself. We all deserve to live our lives on our own terms, spend more time doing things we enjoy with people we love, agreed?

Well, in my opinion, unless you’re lucky enough to be born in a rich family or win a lottery, there is no other way around it than running your own show- own business that allows you to work toward your own dreams, not somebody else’s.

“It is far better for a man to go wrong in freedom than to go right in chains.”

– Thomas H. Huxley

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