When it comes to earnings driving Uber, it’s always good to know details such what’s going on in your city, weather forecast, demographics and what days & times are most profitable to drive. You really want to be out driving when not so many other rideshare drivers and people in general want to drive and that’s the time to capitalize on best earnings in the minimum amount of time. So let’s make some easy money together!

Surge on fire!

Snow storm, rainy day, late night or early morning and of course weekends overall are perfect examples of these opportunities to seize. This is when you typically bump into great surge- multiples of the base rate (1.4x, 2.5x, 3.8x, 4.6x) simply put, the higher the surge the more you make based on distance and duration of your trip. To help you maximize your earnings in the least amount of time I’m going to give you some valuable tips so you minimize time wasted on waiting for your next trip resulting in lower profits. We definitely don’t want that, right?!

Yes please!

From my experience driving both part time and full time for almost three years, I would highly recommend you to drive weekdays, especially Mondays and Fridays early morning for the morning rush from 6am-10am, when people don’t have any other option or just decide to treat themselves after/before the weekend and prefer that comfortable, so much more convenient way to get to the airport, work or wherever they need to be at that time of the day. If you feel like driving a few hours in the afternoon as well, then afternoon rush from 3pm-7pm is the time between which most people finish their workday tired, willing to pay extra few bucks just to avoid having to deal with crowds of people using public transport.

Don’t just cruise around with your seats unoccupied or chase the surge areas that appears on the map as these in most cases disappear by the time you get there with nothing else but your gas unnecessarily burned. If your trip for instance takes you out of the surging area, just like city downtown usually is, then use your ‘destination trip’ option so that you only receive requests headed back to that area instead of dragging you even further away from where you initially wanted to be.

Easy money!

Drive whenever you want, earn whatever you need!

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